“Placenta truly works!” series 2: Madam Tham

Madam Tham underwent cataract surgery a few months ago. At age 77, the healing process will normally take a much longer period but the wounds on her eyes recovered fast. Thanks to placenta. Although her son bought her placenta capsules, she didn’t believe in its health benefits. It was only after the operation that she was willing to try consuming placenta.

“I heard about placenta but always feel the placenta pills sold out there are very much commercialized. But after taking it consistently for a few months, it helped heal my wounds faster and smoothen my skin texture,” said Madam Tham.

Her skin used to have lots of dark spots or blemishes. This was caused by hormonal imbalances as she was also a thyroid patient. But over time after taking placenta, her skin condition started to show improvement. Although she is in her 70s, the improvement on her skin makes her look much younger and she could also sleep better.

“During the course of taking placenta, some of my friends and neighbours who visted me kept telling me that my face looked radiant and white. I told them I took plancenta,” she said with a smile.
Madam Tham is retired now and spends much of her time with her granddaughter. To her, staying in good health is her priority now.

“You can have all the money you want in the world but you can’t buy good health. That is why I am more open-minded this time and consume placenta even though in the beginning, I was quite reluctant to do so. Placenta has certainly helped me. And I will continue taking it, “ she reiterated her point.

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