What to look for when buying Sheep Placenta?

Sheep placenta has a long history as restorative health tonic which can be dated back as far as 2000 years ago. Dubbed as “Elixir of Youth”, sheep placenta is a powerful health supplement to reverse aging process and restore youthful body.

As more sheep placenta products appear in the market today, it is important to equip yourself with the right information in finding product that suits you best.

How to determine a good quality placenta product?

  • Country of Origin: Currently New Zealand is one of the most recognized countries to conduct research, develop and manufacture sheep placenta supplement. Living in the most pristine environment, New Zealand bred sheep produces high quality placenta extract. Plus, they practice strict quality control over their farming industry.
  • Purity level: The quality of sheep placenta product is measured by its purity level. The higher the extraction ratio of sheep placenta extract, the higher the level of purity it contains. New Zealand uses only three types of ratio during the extraction process, 20:1, 50:1 & 120:1.
  • The dosage: A great combination of purity and dosage of fresh sheep placenta blend allows greater absorption. Low purity may result in low absorption, and our body will remove the extras.
  • Synergistic Formula: The product must contain antioxidant ingredients. The right blend of antioxidants with sheep placenta extract offers extra protection for the cells.

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How many mg per capsule ?

How many mg FRESH DEER PLACENTA are you getting ?

As more deer placenta products appear in the market today, it’s important to check out for the quantity of FRESH deer placenta in the product. The strength of deer placenta products is measured by the Extraction Ratio. The higher the ratio of freshly extracted deer placenta would mean it contains a higher amount of placenta extract. It’s strongly recommended to take product with high fresh deer placenta.

To keep it simple, see the example below:

Product A: 1 capsule of 100 mg of deer placenta extract with an extraction ratio of 1:20 is equivalent to 2,000mg of fresh deer placenta.

Product B: 1 capsule of 450 mg of deer placenta extract with an extraction ratio of 4:1 is equivalent to 1,800 mg of fresh deer placenta.

Product A has higher amount of FRESH deer placenta compare to Product B. This means, the placenta extract in Product A is more compact and finer in molecular size which increases its absorption. Therefore, don’t get confused between FRESH and END capsule concentration. Always choose product with higher FRESH Deer Placenta.

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Can men take placenta products?

To men, placenta products are women’s products and consuming them will make them lose their masculinity. This total misconception has become a hindrance to men to take advantage of the full benefits of placentas. The truth is placenta products not only give men youthful-looking skin but also improve their stamina and libido.

Beginning at age 30, testosterone levels drop, on average, about 1 percent a year. About 5 percent of men between the ages of 50 and 59 have low levels of testosterone along with symptoms like loss of libido and sluggishness, according to a few small studies. Placentas work to balance up the hormones in the body. It is essentially important especially in restoring and enhancing the physical stamina and libido in men.

It also boosts cell regeneration with improvement in elastin and hyaluronic acid which acts as skin moisturizer. With all the goodness of placentas, men should therefore not fear about consuming placenta products. They should try it and experience it!

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