Placenta moisturiser comes in all kinds of active ingredients. Some are formulated with pearl powder, known for its whitening effect, and some with glycerine. Glycerine is a sweet tasting, colourless, odourless, nontoxic viscous liquid widely used in pharmaceutical formulations.

Some placenta moisturiser has serum in them. It becomes even more powerful and works to deeply regenerate the skin and it is also suitable for all skin types, especially on dry and mature skins.

All placenta moisturisers are rich in vitamins which help in nourishing, hydrating and repairing our skin cells. As placenta is a rich nutritional source containing iron, it helps improve the oxygen absorption by the skin cells, and Vitamin B6 and E which repair the skin and form antibodies.

Placenta has rich nutrients that lead to cell regeneration and faster metabolism, thus producing more heat in the body which give stamina and energy to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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From cream, serum to mask, placenta is one of the beauty secrets that is made available in the market today. As an effective face mask, it boosts collagen and tighten the skin using stem cells from a sheep’s placenta, resulting in much youthful looking skin.

Placenta face mask is mostly formulated from placenta extract itself. Applying these face masks will help in skin regeneration process as placenta will stimulate its blood circulation. It also helps remove completely all the blemishes, dullness, wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

With the placenta face mask, rest assured your dehydration problems will be eliminated and it helps restore your skin glow, giving it the baby-like softness.
Placenta face mask is considered one of the highly prized mask as it helps smoothen the skin both inside out. This is evident when the placenta extract absorb deeply into the skin layers, removing dead cells and revitalize new growing cells.

It promotes skin regeneration and growth and prevents any chemicals from the dead cells from spreading. No more dull, dark spots and complications. Enjoy radiant, elastic and youthful looking skin.

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Placenta is processed into many variety of products, and serum is one of them. It is normally been used as a skin treatment product, and most users apply serum as a skin restorative. The placenta used to make serum is mostly sheep placenta.

There are many benefits of placenta serum. Among them are decrease in aging, hyper-pigmentation and damages from sun. Many believe placenta serum is able to keep a sustainable, renewal mobile look.

That’s because placenta has many high degrees of antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, melatonin and more. The antioxidants are able to prevent cellular damage due to oxidation. And placenta serum can act as deep skin moisturizer which has healing power to reduce wrinkles, balance up skin tone and replace skin structure.

All in all, placenta serum is an exclusive item that helps skin stay elastic and firm, and of course, youthful.

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