Would it help if cancer patients take placenta products?

There are over 200 types of cancers and hence, it is no surprise that many debatedthis question and some feel that taking placenta products will not help cancer patients should it reaches a serious stage like Stage 3 and 4. Some medical experts said cancer starts with deficiency and toxicity. If one doesn’t get enough nutrition, the body will become deficient and the body system will eventually break down. One way to prevent this disease is to eat healthy, nutritional and non-contaminated foods. Placenta products are considered super food which provides the much needed nutrients to the body.
Placenta products help to enhance, repair and regenerate 3 major biological systems of our body. With the nutrients, it will strengthen the immune system and hence, warded off all harmful radicals and viruses. Placenta also helps to balance the hormonal system and hence, one can live a balanced, temperament-free life. It also helps promote blood circulation and hence, the body will be able to replenish and regenerate healthy cells.

So the question whether placenta products help cancer patients will all depend on one’s body reaction and function. Cancer patients are advised not to solely rely on placenta products for treatment but instead treat it a supporting supplements that help enhance their body systems. After all, placenta products are nutritional supplements – not medicine!

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Can pregnant women consume placenta products?



It is common that pregnant women are very strict in their diet and have many taboos to follow. One of them is whether consuming placenta is safe or harmful. Well, placenta products are unlike placentophagia. While placentophagia or eating raw placenta after birth may have negative biological effects on some people, placenta products are processed and scientifically produced through stringent quality control and test. This means whether the placenta products are formulated from cows, sheep or deer, they are mostly safe and bring more benefits than harm to pregnant women.

Among the key benefits of placenta products for pregnant women are:

 Help to balance their hormones. Women with irregular periods may find their hormones balance itself and their menstrual cycle returns to normal easily.

 Replenish depleted iron levels. Pregnant women need sufficient irons to stay healthy. Lack of irons can be harmful to their unborn child.

 Assist uterus to return to pre-pregnancy state. No more worries of what will happen to your

body after giving birth. The uterus will be back to its normal state at a speedier rate.

 Reduce post-natal bleeding. Placenta helps reduce inflammation and redness as well as reduce excessive bleeding after birth.

 Increase production of milk. It has been scientifically proven that placenta products boost milk production as well as giving women healthy firm breasts that boost their confidence and self-esteem.

 Enhance a joyful post-natal period. With a healthy body and mind after consumption of placenta products, women will lead a much happier life.

 Boost energy level. No more feeling tired, drowsy or loss of appetite normally experienced by pregnant women. Placenta products rejuvenate their senses and give them the much needed energy boost.

In short, placenta products are nutritional supplement and act to give both pregnant and non-pregnant women sufficient nutrients needed for a healthier, happier life.

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