Placenta in Capsule: Are they still active?

Most of us have heard about the amazing RESTORATIVE power of placenta. Some of you might wonder: Are these placentas still active in the capsule? Yes! With advancement in the processing technology, the biological materials can be preserved at the optimum level.

Here is the summary of flow chart commonly used in encapsulating animal placentas:

  1. Natural Fresh Placenta: Sustainably sourced & collected from the specially bred animals living in the pristine grassland.
  2. Freeze Drying Technology
    Fresh placenta is extracted & preserved with the freeze drying technology under controlled conditions. Live cells can be preserved and remained bio-active for 3-4 years. Each capsule is then concentrated into certain extraction ratio.
  3. Nitrogen Filled Technology
    Capsule is filled with Nitrogen to prevent oxidation and denaturation of the bio active materials.
  4. German Eudragit Enteric Coating Technology
    Excellent quality polished coating withstands gastric acids to ensure maximum absorption in small intestines. Absorption increased by 3-4 times.

Above is the standard manufacturing process. Anyhow, do clarify with the seller to ensure that they follow the appropriate & good manufacturing practices.

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Placenta: Injection or Oral Intake ?

Animal placenta is known as nature’s elixir of youth and is famous for its incredible restorative powers. Have you ever wonder why some people seem to never age? Taking placenta therapy to defy aging is a growing trend among health & beauty lovers! Many have tried and experienced the results.

There are various form of placenta therapy to choose from: Injection, Oral supplement,  Cosmetic creams. Perhaps, you’re thinking which one is better? Here are some thoughts on the pros and cons that comes with each types of placenta therapy.

  1. Effectiveness: All of them can reverse aging, however the rate of efficacy (how fast it works) is different. Placenta injection works faster (up to 90% efficacy rate) as it enters directly into your blood system.
  2. Risk: Injection has higher possible risks of severe allergic reaction like anaphylactic shock. While oral intake via capsule or drink is rather safe without risk involved.
  3. Pricing: Only elites can afford placenta injections as they are extremely costly. Oral placenta is more affordable and easily accessible. You can buy placenta supplements from local pharmacies.
  4. Convenient: Oral placenta supplement is available to everyone & you can take it even at home. While for injection, you must get it from clinic with certified health practitioners.
  5. Invasive: Oral placenta is non-invasive & pain free. While injection is invasive & can be painful.
  6. Authority approval: In some countries, only oral placenta is approved by the Health Authority based on the safety and quality assurance testing done. While placenta injection is considered illegal in few places in the world.

Do some research & read people’s review on their experience to see which one might suit you best!

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