Placenta Ingredients Series 1: Enhancing the Efficacy of Placenta Products.


There are many placenta brands available in the market. But have you ever wondered what are the other ingredients used in the formulation or making of the placenta products apart from the placenta itself? And what are the benefits of these ingredients?

All brands have their own formulation and these ingredients will help further enhance the efficacy of the placenta products. It must also be noted that some ingredients may exist in one brand but may not in another. Nevertheless, let us take a look at what these ingredients are.

· Fish liver oil:
Squalene is from the liver of deep sea sharks, and our human skin contains 12% squalene. This ingredient is considered as a major component of sebum and natural emollient of the skin. It protects our skin from UV rays and improves our immune system and organ functions.

· Aloe vera:
Aloe vera is well-known as a natural healing property and has been used for centuries to heal sunburns, scrapes, cuts, rashes and dry skin. It contains Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B4, B12 and mucopolysaccarides which has a stimulating effect for our immune system and moisturizing properties.

The oil extract from avocado has many benefits as it contains monounsaturated oleic acid, lecithin, Vitamin A, D and E. It helps inhibit absorption of dietary cholesterol, lowering risk of arterial thrombosis and coronary heart disease. Avocado also acts as antioxidants which reduces age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many other ingredients and we will continue this in our next article.

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Compromising health with your budget?

Flash BuilderThe rising cost of living these days especially with higher petroleum costs and cooking oil has become the talk of the town. Everyone tries to tighten their purse string. But when it comes to health, don’t compromise it with cheap and unknown health products.

Placenta products are always deemed to be a premium health product and costlier than any other kind of health supplements. The truth is it all depends on the brand. Anyway, here are some tips you can look for when choosing your health supplement:

· Choose a trusted and reliable brand:
Why compromise on your health with cheaper products? Health is not something you should compromise. A premium brand that is trusted and reliable is more worthy than a brand that is unheard of. You may get 10 packets compared to 1 packet of trusted brand but is it worth the risk?

· Collagen, spirulina, vitamin pills or placenta?:
There are all kinds of health supplement. Each has its own benefits. Depending on your needs, choose the one that deemed best suits you. Placenta is suitable for all groups of consumers, be they youths in their twenties, middle aged adults, senior citizens, maternity and others.

· Conduct research of the brand
Although some brands have promotion or sales, it is best to check it out more by asking around your friends via the social media or surf the chatroom or websites for more details. It is better to understand the brand than buying blindly.

With these tips in hand, we hope that you can finally understand the fact that health is not to be compromised, even if you have a tight budget.

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Should men take placenta products?

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Ask any man on the street if they are aware that placentas are beneficial and if they consume placenta products. Chances are, many still feel placenta products are for women only. To men, eating placenta is a grossly scary sight. Even the sound of people eating placentas sends chills to their spine.

In some men’s mind, placenta products are women’s products and consuming them will make them lose their masculinity. This total misconception has become a hindrance to men to take advantage of the full benefits of placentas. The truth is placenta products not only give men youthful-looking skin but also improve their stamina and libido.

Placenta helps improve blood circulation and hence, allowing the body skin’s structure and muscles to be firm and full of vitality. This is essential especially in enhancing the stamina and libido in men. It also boosts cell regeneration with improvement in elastin and hyaluronic acid which acts as skin moisturizer. The hormone level also balances up. With all the goodness of placentas, men should therefore not fear about consuming placenta products. They should try it and experience it!

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