How many types of Placenta?


For animal placenta: sheep & deer (sometimes human which not legal), horse and cow (which is rare),  For plant placenta: rose, apple, grapes & some other fruits. So far no vegetable yet.

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Where did more placenta products original from?


Different brands as you may find in the market are mainly comes from New Zealand.

New Zealand is the biggest supplier in the world. There are many company’s or laboratories which are supplying their products in OEM format. You name it they have it.

Some placenta from China


Extraction ratio with 50:1, 20:1 and 120:1 are definitely from New Zealand.

Others are from China.

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What are the brands that are selling Placenta products in Malaysia


If you google it as “placenta malaysia”. Brand such as Celllabs, Mega Alpha, Aucenta, MF3, Norefal, Total Image, Rorefal, Purtier, Lavie, Celloceutica, Lucenta & many other brands which sells placenta product in malaysia

Some of the placenta product are sold only in “MLM or Multi level marketing. For more about his information. You may check on their website for more information:

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In what age should i start taking Placenta Products?


You can start consuming placenta products even as young age. But the effect may not seem to react as effective as elderly consuming.

For Children. i think it’s not too advisable because children are always active and at their growing age even if they consume the effect won’t be much from them.

For adult to elderly. This will show more effect as most the growing age is over. With placenta consumed. It may help boost up their immune system and helps brings back the youth in them.

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