Consume placenta can help makes your complexion more ridiance?

Placenta products basically works as repairing or rejoice your immune system to help create healing from inside out. This is one of the reason many “superstar” keeping their youthful skin complexion. And to some of them will actually go for the extreme “The injection method” for faster and more expensive.

For consuming placenta is still the safer and with slightly longer time. but the result is more sustainability even if you stop consuming in the future.

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Can men takes Placenta products? Does it have any side effects?


Can Men takes Placenta Products?


Their concern are “Does this products contains hormone that may change a Manly man to the slightly girlish man?” and the answer is, some placenta products does have those “hormone” in it. Find out more brands to compare and look at the ingredients on the label.

And the fact of this placenta are more likely to be used from (TCM) traditional Chinese Medicine to boost up energy and many more great benefits.

Here is the article from “Las Vegas Sun”

3. UNLV researchers looked at nearly 180 societies around the world to find cultural examples of mothers eating their placenta. They could not find any traditions. However, in Chinese traditional medicine, men ingested zi he che, or dried placenta medicine, to boost their energy over 600 years ago.”

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Can Placenta Products helps on Skin Allergies?


Skin Allergy symptoms or also known as eczema are what the western claim as allergies or diseases where the skin causes. Where others claims its due to blood stream that causes the skin problem. Withe all the above said, it’s generally the immune system that may fail to function as filter your blood stream that cause the above? As for the placenta product which some user has manage to over this matter and does this means by boosting up your immune system will too help you to recover from skin Allergy. We need more testimonial to see if this becomes a proven solutions.

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Don’t be fooled by the Extraction Label


Do learn that Extraction means the Molecular size NOT the percentage of the ingredients.

• The higher the Extraction Ration
• The Smaller The Molecular (Ingredients) Size
• The Better The Absorption

Actual formulation is ” Extraction ratio x weight per capsule = Exact supplement dosage”

Hope this helps clarify!

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