Instantly Restore Beauty from Within

Today, women are the center and foundation of social and cultural life of the family. From holding the highest position in bureaucracy to traditional duties of bringing up children in the family, women have shouldered all kinds of responsibilities with grand success. Due to the pressures in the workplace and the demand of motherhood, there is always an assumption that women are more susceptible to age faster than man.

Studies have shown that women skin collagen decreases in elasticity and production greater than men as they getting older. The hormonal change throughout a woman’s life reduces sebum production, an oil substance that protects the skin surface. This explains why women have drier skin at an early age than men. Worry no more! Here comes Deer Placenta!

Back to the olden days, in China concubines, women consumed Deer Placenta to maintain their beauties and appearance to stand out from thousands of others to gain the attention of the king. Deer was regarded as a precious medicinal animal in China during the ancient days as well. It is believed to have the power to regain youth and reverse the aging process. More compilation of medicinal values of deer began with “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” – the various medicinal herbs during the end of Han Dynasty.

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