Is it safe to consume placenta?

Everybody wants to know if there is any side effect? It’s likely that you need to drink lots of water. You might felt abit heatty. And with regulary consume. You won’t be feeling it anymore.

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How does placenta works (on our body system)


Placenta product stimulate your body cells to be active so that it can do it’s job as self-healing and up boosting your immune system for a healthier lifestyle. We may name placenta is a multi-nutrients capsule as it contains protein, minerals, vitamins in proportional value for human needs.

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What is the difference between consumable & aesthetic


Aesthetic, the most effective way to look good and more pain for a person who is not too much into needle or surgery. But it’s the fastest way and the most expensive way.

While on the other hand. I’ll rather have the time to consume it painlessly way to look good and built up a better health, any i’m not in a rush.

For Consumable Products: The Functions on placenta’s consumable products are actually to improve health. For a better health, your complexion will also be improve.

Why better health leads to better complexion?
Everything start from core. Your inner health plays a important role to heal and to built from inside out. That’s why how your complexion will definitely be better.


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What is Placenta


Another word for placenta is where an organ that connects the developing foetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination and gas exchange via the mother’s blood supply.