Apart from placenta drinks, one of the most common forms of placenta use is in the form of skincare like cream, serum or facial mask. As placenta skincare can help boost radiant skins, it is very popular among the consumers.

Some of the benefits of placenta as a skincare is its use as effective skin-firmer, lifter and hydrator. It also treats acne and skin damaged by over exfoliation. The stem cells in skincare derived from sheep placenta are used as anti-aging properties to boost skin elasticity and collagen production.

Placenta cream helps treat skin damage from the sun, signs of aging and dry skin. It contains actual placenta especially from cattle or sheep as one of the main ingredients.

In fact, consumers use placenta cream as they feel the living cells in the cream can help increase blood circulation to the applied skin areas. This is important as remedy for injuries.

In order to ensure the placenta cream is hygienic and free from contamination, the placentas are sterilized and live cell extraction technique is utilized in the manufacturing process.

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Placenta has come in many forms, from tablets, capsules, jelly, injectibles to dried placenta and drinks. Placenta drinks are the rarest and first formulated in Japan. One of the popular drinks is the Placenta 10000 drink from Nihon Sofuken.

Placenta drinks have active ingredients sourced from pig as well as horse placenta. To ensure the taste of placenta drink is good and likeable, it is also produced as blended drinks, jelly drinks and smoothies.

In fact, to reduce the high-density animal smell of the placenta, flavourings are added such as peach and apple. However, placenta drink has lower absorption rate compared to capsule form as it is destroyed by gastric juices.

Placenta drinks are formulated to improve skin condition and to ensure one stays beautiful and youthful looking. This is evident when some of the brands added hyaluronic acid and collagen in the placenta drink.

All in all, compared to other forms of placenta products, placenta drinks have lower market acceptance. Perhaps, people are still not used to having placenta made into drinks yet.

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We heard so much about people taking up placenta injections as it deemed to give faster results in skincare. However, there are some people who prefer to consume placenta products as they feel this is safer.

Nevertheless, there are always two sides of the coin. Now let us look at how one brand sums up the differences between injectable placenta and oral consumption of placenta.

Efficacy rate: Obviously, injectibles have higher rate and faster results compared oral intake which gives up to 90% efficacy rate

Pricing: Only elites can afford injectibles as they are very costly. Oral consumption is more affordable and easily accessible. You can buy it off the shelf too.

Risk: Injectibles bring more risks due to severe allergic reaction like anaphylactic shock. Side effects like dizziness, swelling of tongue, esophagus, low blood pressure etc. In consumption, no risk involved.

Ease: Placenta for oral consumption can be taken home but for injectibles, it needs to be administered in clinic with life-saving equipment.

Pain: Oral intake means it is non-invasive and pain free while injectibles means it is invasive and sometimes painful.

Approval: Oral consumption of placenta is approved by Ministry of Health with all the safety and quality assurance testing done while injectibles may not have such safety approval

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