“Placenta truly works!” series 3: Francis Yip

Francis Yip has over 20 years of experience as a copywriter and a creative consultant under his belt. As an advertising man, working long hours and staying overnight in the office for days have become a norm.

Lately, due to lack of sleep, fine lines started to appear on his skin and Francis also experienced hair thinning problem. But since he took placenta products, these problems had gradually dissipated.
“My skin texture is now smoother and rejuvenated after I consume placenta. It improves my blood circulation and my hair follicles are much firmer. No more hair loss and pale-looking skin,” he smiled.
“As a copywriter, I have been writing copy to promote products and services even though some are not good. So it is common that some people may not believe what I say. But here it is, an HONEST comment – placenta truly helps me. I mean what I say here. I don’t simply give endorsement but this time, I do because I want people to know about placenta and its efficacy,” said Francis.

In addition to skin and hair problems, placenta has also improved his eyesights. “Long hours at the computer screen makes my eyesights weak. To make matter worse, the glare of the screen causes dizziness. But with placenta, this is no more an issue. I can see clearer and the glare no longer causes me any problem.

“In short, placenta works for me. But don’t take my word for it. Try it,” he said in a serious tone.

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