When did mankind discover the goodness of placenta?

It is obvious that placenta has held a place of honour throughout the history of mankind as evident in the cremation rituals of ancient civilisations as well as the traditional healings using placenta. Man has discovered the goodness of placenta as a medicinal supplement centuries ago. For the Chinese and Vietnamese, it was a traditional practice to prepare placenta to be consumed by the mother to recover fast from childbirth. The 16th Century Chinese medical text, the Compendium of Materia Medica, stated “when a woman in Liuqiu has a baby, the placenta is eaten,” and that in Bagui, “the placenta of a boy is specially prepared and eaten by the mother’s family and relatives.” On the other hand, the Great Pharmacopoeia of 1596, recommended placental tissue mixed with human milk to help overcome the exhaustion of Chi energy. These include anemia, weakness and coldness of the sexual organs with involuntary ejaculation of semen. Dried, powdered placenta would be stirred into wine-cups of milk to make a Connected Destiny Elixir. The elixir would be warmed in sunlight, then taken as treatment.

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