“Placenta truly works!” series 1: Cole Tan

As a make-up artist for many international events including China Model Search, Cole Tan, 27 is always on the go. He has travelled to Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and other countries to fulfill his dream to work with artistes and event partners.

With eight years of experience in cosmetology under his belt, Cole is well sought-after for his artistry. However, the hectic schedule and extensive travelling have often resulted in insomnia and tiredness. His skin has also started to get weary and show signs of paleness.

“For four years, I have trouble sleeping at night and for that, pimples started to develop and it affected my skin texture. This is bad because I am a make-up artist and needs to take good care of my skin. But thanks to placenta which I started taking two years ago. Placenta has helped improve my skin condition by boosting my blood circulation,” said Cole.

Apart from it, Cole also claimed that since his consumption of placenta, his back muscle ache has also easily recovered. “I used to have back ache. Then one day, I took placenta and within a week, the pain stopped. I tried not taking it then but the pain came back. So I continued taking placenta and my back muscle is now back to normal.” In other words, placenta truly helps in firming up one’s muscles and skin conditions by improving the body’s blood circulation.

“To me, placenta is good for overall health, especially in boosting our immune system,” Cole summed up the goodness of placenta.

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