“Placenta truly works!” series 3: Francis Yip

Francis Yip has over 20 years of experience as a copywriter and a creative consultant under his belt. As an advertising man, working long hours and staying overnight in the office for days have become a norm.

Lately, due to lack of sleep, fine lines started to appear on his skin and Francis also experienced hair thinning problem. But since he took placenta products, these problems had gradually dissipated.
“My skin texture is now smoother and rejuvenated after I consume placenta. It improves my blood circulation and my hair follicles are much firmer. No more hair loss and pale-looking skin,” he smiled.
“As a copywriter, I have been writing copy to promote products and services even though some are not good. So it is common that some people may not believe what I say. But here it is, an HONEST comment – placenta truly helps me. I mean what I say here. I don’t simply give endorsement but this time, I do because I want people to know about placenta and its efficacy,” said Francis.

In addition to skin and hair problems, placenta has also improved his eyesights. “Long hours at the computer screen makes my eyesights weak. To make matter worse, the glare of the screen causes dizziness. But with placenta, this is no more an issue. I can see clearer and the glare no longer causes me any problem.

“In short, placenta works for me. But don’t take my word for it. Try it,” he said in a serious tone.

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“Placenta truly works!” series 2: Madam Tham

Madam Tham underwent cataract surgery a few months ago. At age 77, the healing process will normally take a much longer period but the wounds on her eyes recovered fast. Thanks to placenta. Although her son bought her placenta capsules, she didn’t believe in its health benefits. It was only after the operation that she was willing to try consuming placenta.

“I heard about placenta but always feel the placenta pills sold out there are very much commercialized. But after taking it consistently for a few months, it helped heal my wounds faster and smoothen my skin texture,” said Madam Tham.

Her skin used to have lots of dark spots or blemishes. This was caused by hormonal imbalances as she was also a thyroid patient. But over time after taking placenta, her skin condition started to show improvement. Although she is in her 70s, the improvement on her skin makes her look much younger and she could also sleep better.

“During the course of taking placenta, some of my friends and neighbours who visted me kept telling me that my face looked radiant and white. I told them I took plancenta,” she said with a smile.
Madam Tham is retired now and spends much of her time with her granddaughter. To her, staying in good health is her priority now.

“You can have all the money you want in the world but you can’t buy good health. That is why I am more open-minded this time and consume placenta even though in the beginning, I was quite reluctant to do so. Placenta has certainly helped me. And I will continue taking it, “ she reiterated her point.

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“Placenta truly works!” series 1: Cole Tan

As a make-up artist for many international events including China Model Search, Cole Tan, 27 is always on the go. He has travelled to Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and other countries to fulfill his dream to work with artistes and event partners.

With eight years of experience in cosmetology under his belt, Cole is well sought-after for his artistry. However, the hectic schedule and extensive travelling have often resulted in insomnia and tiredness. His skin has also started to get weary and show signs of paleness.

“For four years, I have trouble sleeping at night and for that, pimples started to develop and it affected my skin texture. This is bad because I am a make-up artist and needs to take good care of my skin. But thanks to placenta which I started taking two years ago. Placenta has helped improve my skin condition by boosting my blood circulation,” said Cole.

Apart from it, Cole also claimed that since his consumption of placenta, his back muscle ache has also easily recovered. “I used to have back ache. Then one day, I took placenta and within a week, the pain stopped. I tried not taking it then but the pain came back. So I continued taking placenta and my back muscle is now back to normal.” In other words, placenta truly helps in firming up one’s muscles and skin conditions by improving the body’s blood circulation.

“To me, placenta is good for overall health, especially in boosting our immune system,” Cole summed up the goodness of placenta.

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