Get to Know the Placenta 5: Stem Cell for Anti-Aging Therapy

As we age, our body’s cells gradually begin to deteriorate. The signs of aging are subtle and we might not even notice them at first. Hence, it is good to always pay attention to our body changes.

The signs of aging are:
General fatigue, muscle aches, poor mind concentration, wrinkles, age spots, reduced sex drive, hair falls, insomnia, mood swings & degenerative diseases.

Aging is inevitable? With breakthrough & advancement in medical research, aging is believed to be reversible. Stem cell research field is one of the most active scientific institutions in the world today. It contributes to the development of therapy to slow down or reverse the signs of aging.

Body deterioration is linked with the decreasing in the number of stem cells – unique cells with the ability to become different types of cells. Stem cells are responsible in repairing and regenerating damaged body cells.

The latest craze in stem cell therapy is using animal placenta extract. After natural delivery, the placentas are freeze-dried under controlled temperature to preserve the stem cells for up to 3-4 years.

Placenta Therapy New Hope for Anti-aging:
Young and vigorous placenta cells are introduced into and absorbed by the body. These healthy cells then travel to the targeted organs whereby they impart the vital life force onto the aged body cells. Placenta stimulates the renewal of aged, tired and unhealthy cells in the body, nourishing them from inside out. Unlike other anti-aging therapy, placenta works by protecting, repairing & regenerating the aged body cells.

These damaged cells are stimulated to repair themselves and to function with restored efficiency – taking on the characteristics of much younger, healthier cells. For you, this means your body ages more slowly, and you retain the vigor and vitality of youth.

In the next series of articles, we are going to explore the different administration methods of placenta therapy (injection versus oral) and also their pros and cons!

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Get to Know the Placenta 4: Why Sheep Placenta?

Throughout history, mankind has known the incredible restorative powers of placenta. For thousands of years, sheep placenta has been prized as an excellent health and beauty tonics. The rich and famous have been known to seek out sheep placenta “revitalization program” at the world-renowned Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland to preserve their youthful appearance and prolong their vitality.

Among so many other animals, you probably wonder why choose sheep placenta? In recent findings, sheep have emerged as the best donors for use in human consumption because their placental proteins are biologically most compatible with human. This is number one criteria to avoid unwanted allergic reactions. Sheep is strong and hardy in nature with superior immunity and resistance towards disease.

Sheep placenta contains abundant levels of nourishing compounds, which include of cell building nutrients, natural growth factors, enzymes and immune factors. These nutrients can promote cell regeneration, regulate hormones and keep you healthy and young at the cellular level.

Always go for high quality sheep placenta products from reputable manufacturers. New Zealand is known to produce the world’s best sheep placenta products. It is one of the least polluted places on the earth with pure and pristine environments. They are practicing the most stringent quality control over the sheep farming industry.

In New Zealand, only licensed farms are allowed to supply sheep placenta extract for manufacturing purposes. Plus, their sheep placenta are tested and certified free from the risk of infection, scrapie and mad cow disease. After all, consumers are looking for products that work and safe for consumption.

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