Placenta Consumer Series 4: Benefits for Lactating Mothers and Maternity.


Pregnant women and lactating mothers are strict when it comes to their diet. But do you know that placenta products are beneficial for both women in maternity and post-natal birth? For women in maternity, placenta products help balance their hormone level and replenish depleted iron levels and supply the rich nutrients needed for you and the baby you are carrying inside.

As for lactating mothers, we all understand that breastfeeding is important to provide the vital nutrients and vitamins for your newborn. However, many mothers are rather confused on how to provide the right diet and nutrients needed for themselves and the baby. Placenta products will help boost the milk production of your breast, making them firmer and healthier and therefore, increase your confidence and self-esteem too. It also helps reduce post-natal bleeding due to its anti-inflammation and healing properties and thus, your uterus will return to pre-pregnancy state at a faster rate. What’s more, with nutritional supplements that help balance the hormone and endocrine system, women will experience less emotional issues and lead a much cheerful life. Becoming a new mother is no longer a burden but an enriching experience and a bundle of joy now!

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