Placenta Consumer Series 1: Benefits for Youths in their Twenties.


Youths lead an active lifestyle. At age 20 years and above, they set their focus on their studies and career. At this maturing age, they are vibrant, filled with positive energy and have a lot of time on their hands to experiment, learn from mistakes and accumulate a certain dose of experience. Career development is always their priority. In other words, the youths today need the vitality of life and mental focus. As the saying goes, “Youthfulness starts from within”, youths can stay healthy and youthful by choosing smartly the right products to consume. Placenta is the way to go.

Placenta products which are formulated for youths will help nourish their body, provide the energy and stamina they need. For those who are studying, it is good as it helps sharpen their focus with nutrients for the brain. Female youths need not worry much when it comes to menstruation problem. Placenta helps manage menstruation by balancing their hormone level. As placenta contains abundant cell building blocks, active-growth factors, antioxidants and skin-beautifying ingredients, it will enhance the youthfulness of the skin. For youths who tend to have open pore skins due to their active body metabolism and injuries, placenta can help regulate natural sebum production and reduce open pores. At this young age, allergies are common. However, placenta with its natural nutrients can help minimise allergic reaction. All in all, placenta products are suitable for youths when they are specially formulated for their age.

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