What are the processes involved in the production of placenta products?

Did you know the placenta products which you bought off the shelf have undergone many processes before they are all made available to you? While it is easy to consume these products like placenta capsules, the placenta products were all tested and underwent meticulous and stringent quality control. It starts with the breeding of sheep in the farm and in some brands, the breeding takes place in the pristine farms of New Zealand. Then the raw materials consisting placentas are kept frozen and transported to the factory. The placentas are cleaned with specific reagents to remove toxic materials. The placentas are then extracted for their bioactive raw materials using  several proteolytic enzymes. Odour is then reduced by decomposition of amino acid with specific microbial reaction. The placentas essence are then freeze-dried at -900C. Here 90% of the moisture is drawn to preserve and maintain the freshness of bioactive material for 3 to 4 years.
This is followed by condensation of placentas to different degrees of ratio (eg 20, 50, 120) times smaller molecule size to enable easier absorption by our body. The capsule is then filled with nitrogen to prevent decomposition or oxidation of the bioactive materials. To enhance its efficacy, the placentas are also blended with various ingredients, from aloe vera to cod fish oil. The capsule is then enteric coated to make it more easily to absorb by our body 4 to 5 times. 

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