Placenta has come in many forms, from tablets, capsules, jelly, injectibles to dried placenta and drinks. Placenta drinks are the rarest and first formulated in Japan. One of the popular drinks is the Placenta 10000 drink from Nihon Sofuken.

Placenta drinks have active ingredients sourced from pig as well as horse placenta. To ensure the taste of placenta drink is good and likeable, it is also produced as blended drinks, jelly drinks and smoothies.

In fact, to reduce the high-density animal smell of the placenta, flavourings are added such as peach and apple. However, placenta drink has lower absorption rate compared to capsule form as it is destroyed by gastric juices.

Placenta drinks are formulated to improve skin condition and to ensure one stays beautiful and youthful looking. This is evident when some of the brands added hyaluronic acid and collagen in the placenta drink.

All in all, compared to other forms of placenta products, placenta drinks have lower market acceptance. Perhaps, people are still not used to having placenta made into drinks yet.

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