“Placenta Perfect 10” Series 5: Sexual Libido

An estimated 50% of males aged 40 to 70 years old are estimated to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence at some point in time. This has caused them embarrassment. The reasons behind impotency include stress, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, injuries, Cushing’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many more.
Is there any natural way to cure erectile dysfunction? While some are permanent, the temporary ones can be treated with the right remedies based on the symptoms present in them. One of the natural remedies is placenta consumption.
With high antioxidants and nutrients for overall wellbeing, the nutritional support can help decrease the risk of impotence. Placenta contains key vitamins and minerals that enhance vessel integrity of artery and veins structure. As we age, our blood circulation may not be as strong as before. Placenta helps improve blood circulation, providing the wholesome goodness of the nutrients to the body.
Hence, it helps stimulate the erectile tissues, repair or regenerate cell damages that help boost the sexual libido. With rich nutrients like protein and other minerals, placenta keeps the sexual drive going in both men and women. 

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