Sheep, Deer, Pig And Horse Placenta: What Are Their Differences? Part 2

To say sheep or deer placenta is better is actually quite subjective. Nevertheless, the common deer species will be the New Zealand Red Deer (Cervus Elpahus).

Deer placenta is often used as health supplements and it has lots of nutritional goodness which include the abundant levels of cell building blocks, active growth factors, antioxidants and skin-beautifying ingredients. It is also well-known to be free from diseases especially mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease, and scrapie disease which are normally found in other animals.

Overall, deer is considered as the premier source of placenta and higher level of animal rankings. This is because it resembles very closely to human placenta chemically.

Having said that, where do pig and horse placenta stand? Are they also in the same rank as sheep and deer placenta. Check out our next article next week.

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