Placenta has proven to be a source of good health as well as beauty treatments. It is a well-known fact that world famous beauty product manufacturers and high-class beauty clinics value placenta very highly. Placenta comes in 3 different ways to maximise its results: Consumption, application and injection. Let us look at each of them.

·       Consumption: Placenta products can come into the form of capsules and drinks. The products are mostly tested and undergone meticulous and stringent quality control. Placenta capsules are the most common form available in the market. Nevertheless, placenta drinks have emerged and was first established in Japan. Its active ingredients are sourced from pig to horse placentas. It is also available in blended drink, jelly drink and smoothies. Compared to injection, consumption of placenta is lower in risk while compared to application, placenta consumption is higher in efficacy rate.
·       Application: Placenta is used as skincare and cosmetics in the form of cream, serum and facial mask. As skincare, placenta is an effective skin firmer, lifter and hydrator. It also helps treat damaged skins from over-exfoliation. And the stem cells from the sheep is used as anti-aging properties. While placenta cream helps treat damaged skins from the sun, aging and dry skin, placenta serum especially from sheep placenta is normally applied topically as a skin restorative. As facial mask, it boosts collagen and firming of skin using stem cells from sheep placentas.
·       Injection: This form of placenta use is probably the most effective to enhance beauty. The placenta is injected to a human host especially on large muscle groups, such as gluteus maximus or fat area. The injection acts like a collagen that cushion the skin texture and firming of the skin, making one more youthful looking. Injection of placenta is most common in aesthetic surgical treatment.
In short, whether you choose to consume, apply or inject placenta, you will still get to enjoy the benefits of placenta inside out. 

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