Nutrients in placenta capsule

Placenta is a temporary organ formed during pregnancy; its unique bioactive compounds support the growth and development of baby in the womb. People in the world have known the restorative benefits of placenta since ancient time. Indeed, placenta is a very powerful health tonic as it stores the crucial life essence for the baby.

Sheep and deer are the most trusted source of animal placenta in the world. Placenta extract has a rich natural source of nourishing nutrients and growth factors that restore the cell’s vitality assisting in preserving health and youth.

The nutrients present in animal placenta include amino acids, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals. The placenta also generates enzymes, growth and immunological factors. These nutrients can promote cell growth, hormone regulation, immune function and cellular nutrition.

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Sheep placenta for a stronger immunity

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are taking extra precautions to stay healthy and strong. If you are searching for the right supplement to build a strong defense system, CellLabs Sheep Placenta Forte Plus is a product worth considering.

Tailor-made for those seeking stronger and faster results, it is touted as the best rejuvenative supplement because of its high contents of 30,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta.

Besides high dosage of placenta extract, it also contains 2 potent antioxidants Squalene and Grape seed oil. For your information, Squalene is best known antioxidant to boost the immune system and body stamina.

Check out the warning signs that your immune system may needs a boost:

  1. You are constantly under stress: long-term stress weakens the responses of your immunity.
  2. You are constantly catching colds: that is obvious sign of low immunity.
  3. Your wounds are slow to heal: the wound healing depends on healthy immune response.
  4. You are always tired: When immune system struggles, so does body stamina.
  5. You have poor digestion: 70% of immunity is located in the gut.

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Supplement that boosts immunity

Why do some people get sick, but others, while living in the same environment with equal exposure to viruses, do not? The key lies in the strength of your body’s IMMUNE SYSTEM!

The threat of a global pandemic is rising as the new coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly spreads across the world. It is spreading fast, even worse there is currently no vaccine to prevent this deadly virus infection.

Health experts suggest that, boosting immune system in times like these would help the body fight against virus attacks.

And, sheep placenta is one of the best supplements to build body’s natural defense. Sheep placenta is been used in many cultures for thousands of years as a traditional medicine and a tonic to improve general health. The body’s immune system also benefits from the intake of sheep placenta supplements.

It contains numerous bioactive compounds such as nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic, lipids, and enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) which help to regulate your immune system. Sheep placenta also passively transfers immunity against various infections in the form of specific antibodies.

In next article, we are going to explore sheep placenta products that can support your immune system in fighting off infections.

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Encourages fast healing

While sheep placenta is primarily known for its anti-ageing beauty effects, it does more than that. For instance, supplementation with sheep placenta can help encourage rapid wound healing and reduce scars, too.

Extract of sheep placenta contains nature’s bountiful source of cell nutrients, which stimulates the renewal of damaged, aged and weakened cells in our bodies, nourishing them from inside out.

Through a process known as live cell therapy, sheep placenta activates the natural release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), an important factor in body that help to regulate the recovery of damaged cells as well as encourage rapid wound healing.

Additionally, sheep placenta can promote an efficient wound recovery process by stimulating the natural restoration of collagen, glycosaminoglycan, elastin and glycoproteins in skin structure.

Many users have found that sheep placenta is really useful to help promote recovery of certain types of wounds, plus it smooth out the affected skin layer and reduce the appearance of scars over time.

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Do you know that itchy rash can be caused by hormonal changes?

Sheep placenta can help your skin stay hydrated all day long.

Hormones affect your skin and health as you age more than you may realize. As you age, production of certain hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, changes, affecting your skin. In this article, we look at how estrogen and menopause affect the skin, and whether rashes are related to these hormonal changes.

Estrogen doesn’t only control your menstrual cycles. By stimulating the production of skin components such as collagen and elastin, estrogen hormone keeps your skin looking healthy and young.
The other way round, falling estrogen levels causing your skin thins and dries out, especially in sensitive areas like your face. The loss of estrogen can show on your skin starting in perimenopause phase (mid to late 40s), causing your skin to be more sensitive.

This increased sensitivity makes your skin more likely to get a rash when you’re exposed to irritating materials like itchy fabrics, perfumes, and dyes. A lack of estrogen also prevents your skin from healing as it used to when it does get irritated.

Don’t worry though. You can take steps to counteract these changes naturally by balancing your hormones. For years, sheep placenta has also been recognized for many other health benefits including hormone balancing and skin rejuvenation.

Sheep placenta is especially valuable during menopause because it works to restore the hormonal balance in the body. This is the most natural way of regenerating skin components to keep it healthy with a youthful glowing radiance.

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How can I keep my face wrinkle free?

Wrinkles are the result of lack of moisture and elasticity of the skin.

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet and many more are the obvious signs of skin aging. These indicators are especially worrisome when they appear prematurely, causing you to look older than you are. Although they’re an inevitable part of aging, there are steps you can take to slow and even reverse the skin aging.

Do you know that the formation of wrinkles or fine lines is linked to hormone deficiency? As mentioned in earlier post, estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin proteins. Collagen keeps the skin firm and supple, while elastin plays a role in skin elasticity. In other words, they are important to maintain youthful and healthy complexion.

As you age, it’s normal for body hormones to decline. As estrogen levels start to drop in middle age, the process of producing skin proteins slow down, eventually causing wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. Knowing ahead of time that hormones are such a critical factor in skin youthfulness, however, can help to avoid premature or excessive wrinkles.

Placenta capsule is something worth considering as anti-aging supplement. Over the years, sheep placenta extracts are used as live cell therapy to restore hormonal balance. By balancing the hormones, placenta capsule helps prevent the loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This must have revitalising capsule helps eliminates the appearance of wrinkle, fine lines and sagging skin.

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Are you suffering from dry skin?

Does Hormone Depletion Strip Away Skin’s Moisture?

In our previous post, we have covered on how acne is linked to hormonal changes in the body. A spike in some hormones can cause oily skin, which then lead to acne. In addition to oily acne prone skin, hormones changes can also cause skin problems in the other direction and lead to uncomfortable dryness.

Just like a sudden increase in hormones can cause skin to overproduce oil, a decrease in hormone levels can lead to not enough. Hormones like estrogen and testosterone are responsible to stimulate oil glands in the skin. Therefore, decline in these hormones especially with aging will cause dry, itchy, rough and even flaky skin.

Besides, other hormones like thyroid hormone also plays important role in the hydration levels of the skin. Thus, excessive skin dryness or eczema problem could possibly due to lack of thyroid hormone in the body (a condition known as hypothyroidism, which is caused by aging or pregnancy or other glands malfunction).

Although dry skin can be “fixed” superficially with topical moisturizers and other skin products or treatments, it’s not long-lasting results. Eventually, you need to address the root of the problem to make sure dry skin will not keep returning and gets worse over time.

Placenta capsule is a great nutritional supplement that you can count on to solve the dry skin problem. It has been used for thousands of years to rejuvenate the skin and enhance radiance from within. Consume daily, placenta capsule effectively restore hormonal balance in the body.

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What is Hormonal Acne?

Acne is a distressing matter that you just want to hide your face from the world~

Do you feel you have tried just about everything to get rid of acne but they are still coming back every month? Perhaps, you need to get to the root of possible hormonal causes to resolve the stubborn acne and lead to a more healthy skin.

Don’t be surprised, hormonal imbalances are directly reflected on the skin! The ups and downs of hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone can be largely responsible for hormonal acne, which is why acne is often linked to puberty and teens.

When estrogen or progesterone shifts during the menstrual cycle, flare ups can occur. Meanwhile, the increase in testosterone stimulates oil glands in your face to produce more sebum, which then clogs the pores and causes acne.

To tackle the hormonal acne, you must first know that they are different from other causes of acne. According to skin experts, you probably have hormonal acne if:

* You are no longer a teenager
* Your acne coincides with menstruation cycle
* Your acne grow around the chin and jawlines
* Your acne pop up at same spots every months
* You are dealing with painful, cystic breakouts

Would taking placenta products help? Sheep placenta or deer placenta has long been used as natural remedies to restore hormones in the body back to balance. Additionally, they are effective in reducing acne scar formation by fastening the wound healing process.

At the same time, you must also have the discipline to practice a proper daily skincare and adopt healthy lifestyles. And finally, make sure to give your body time for those good changes to happen.

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Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Skin Problems?

5 Skin Problems That May Indicate Hormone Imbalance

As the saying goes, healthy skin is the reflection of overall wellness . Yes, it’s true that skin condition is the result of what is going on inside the body!

Hormones are responsible for controlling many functions in the body, and that includes maintenance of healthy skin. The fluctuation in hormone levels can cause various skin concerns. It’s stressful when these concerns pop up around the skin and stay there for a long time. No doubt, skin concerns can be huge blow to both appearance and confidence!

Thankfully, there are therapies for hormone imbalance-related skin concerns. Firstly, we must recognize that there may be a hormonal factors involved by identifying common symptoms.

Check Out 5 Common Skin Issues Related To Hormone Imbalance:

  1. Pimples
  2. Dry Skin
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Dark Circles
  5. Rashes

Considering that human has more than 50 types of hormones in the body, these skin problems can be triggered by different forms of hormonal imbalances.

Skin issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to complications that can be led by hormone imbalance. Therefore, it’s necessary to listen to our bodies to pick up subtle signals that our internal body system need attention.

In the next posts, we’re going to explore the connection between hormone imbalance and these skin issues. Plus, would taking placenta products help to tackle these issues? Stay tuned for next articles to find out more.

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Hormone Imbalance: Men Series

Don’t be surprised, both men and women can experience hormonal imbalances! Men are at risk of developing different kinds of hormonal imbalances than women because they have different endocrine glands (hormone producing organs).

Hey Guys, are you suffering from hormone imbalance? Look out for these signs: 
• Loss of muscle tone
• Reduced stamina and strength
• Constant fatigue
• Hair loss
• Decreased sexual libido
• Abdominal fat
• Prostate problems
• Mood changes
• Need to go toilet more or less than usual
• Breast enlargement

Men have used natural remedies such as deer placenta products to treat hormonal imbalances for thousands of years.

Highly regarded as a valuable health tonic since ancient time, taking Deer Placenta is like replenishing the essential “Qi” or “Vital Energy” into life to endure challenging days.

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