Ancient Youth Elixir

The deer represents light, swift, agile, full of vitality, confidence and beauty that is appealing to human minds. In ancient times, deer were often regarded as a mystical creature, which could bring people fortune, happiness and longevity.

Qin Shihuang (秦始皇), the first China Emperor, is said to have designated placenta as having health properties some 2,200 years ago. The ancient Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist Li Shizhen (李时珍) wrote about the benefits of the placenta as a medical supplement and dried placenta has been used for centuries to help patients suffering from everything from impotence to skin disorders and fatigue.

Rich in bio-active nutrients, deer placenta supports cellular repair and regeneration. It restores physical vitality, improve skin conditions and fight against premature aging for long-lasting youthful vibe and vitality.

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