How to avoid Premature Menopause?

Women nowadays start suffering from menopause in early age (before 45) and it causes them a lot of uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, lowered libido, infertility and depression. Simply put, menopause means the end of the reproductive life.

If you’re in middle 30s, it’s good to pay closer attention to your health. Premature menopause can happen if you are leading unhealthy lifestyle.

1.Take Care of Your Ovaries: Menopause is caused by the loss of ovarian function. Changes in menstruation cycle is often the first sign of declining ovarian functions. Incorporating sheep placenta into daily routine is one of the best ways to prevent premature menopause naturally. Sheep placenta balances hormones and help to maintain healthy ovaries and reproductive system.

2. Learn to Manage Your Stress: Excessive work pressure could negatively impact on the hormonal balance that leads to early menopause. Thus, maintain a good mental state as much as possible, be optimistic, relax and avoid psychological distress.

3. Manage Your Body Weight :  Overweight causes irregular ovulation that increases the risk of premature menopause.

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